Clay plasters

HERITAGE clay plasters will warm up any interior. By choosing natural plasters, you guarantee yourself a perfect microclimate. Clay plaster is a natural plaster, which denotes that no room will ever be too dry or too moist, whereas walls will always be clean. If you want your house to be as ecological as possible, use our clay plasters in your rooms, we offer 100% organic clay plasters.
The clay plasters by HERITAGE introduce a healthy microclimate for household members, thus improving their quality of life.


Our natural ready-to-use plasters contain only natural ingredients: clay and sand. Clay itself consists of silt, i.e. sand pollen, sand and gravel of various granulation, as well as loam as a binder. Our products are covered by a lifetime guarantee, we are sure of the quality of HERITAGE products, their quality is confirmed by tests in renowned ceramics laboratories.


HERITAGE clay plasters do not contain any artificial colours. The colours are natural – they are the colours of earth. The number of primary colours increases as we discover them in our mine. Clay of different colours can be mixed together, thus obtaining any derivative colours.

Why is clay plaster a good choice in any room?

Why is clay plaster a good choice in any room?
Clay plasters are characterized by many functional parameters, thanks to which they have an advantage over other plasters:

  • they absorb moisture or give it away, thanks to which the room maintains the best climate. Clay plasters, despite the fact that they absorb water, are not moist, why? Moisture accumulates in three-layered loam minerals.
  • they protect the household members against electromagnetic radiation.
  • they have antibacterial properties, as well as destroy mould fungi.
  • they do not get dirty and do not absorb dust.
  • clay plasters can be removed, and after mixing with water, can be applied again, also changing texture.
  • Clay plaster is an ecological and renewable material.

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